COVID-19 and Gadgets24

Gadgets24: Our Commitment of Extra Care For You Continues….

Taking the next step forward, let’s bring happiness directly to your homes. #Gadgets24AtHome.

Gadgets24 is now ready to embark on a new journey with safety standards that care for your well being. Taking the shared responsibility of our part, we are now delivering to your home hassle free and contact free.

After Lockdown, We are Now Serving Across India!

Our new Safety Policies includes:

Daily Sanitisation of Products:  Everyday Care and Extra Care of Sanitising the Products, makes sure that you receive the Disinfected products at your home.

Timely Delivery even during the tough times of Lockdown: After 50 days of lockdown, our revamped services are putting extra and honest efforts to deliver you everything on time.

No Rate Increase: As the products market has shown great volatility during the COVID19 Spread, we being loyal to our customers are not increasing rates and are committed to deliver you at the Best Rates Possible in the Market.

24*7 Customer Service Support: We are available 24*7 Just for You! Each product or service sold from Gadgets24 is backed up by